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All About My Journey

I was one of those little girls who was horse obsessed. I had all the toys, books and collectables and after pleading for some lessons I was instantly hooked. I studied the parts of the horse and their evolution as a youngster and as an adult I’m still actively learning.
After I got my own horses my skills and knowledge progressed. After researching on horse husbandry I ran across a group of Paddock Paradise Track System (PPTS) enthusiasts from Europe. I was intrigued. I leaned about Rockley Farms and the amazing work of Nic Barker and Andy Willis. Understanding how my horse keeping was letting my horses down was jaw dropping. Have we really been doing this much wrong for this long? Too much sugar and not enough movement.

My horses had healthy feet and were “fine”. Well, I did not realize, until I installed my own PPTS, how wrong I was. My old mare’s arthritis pain started to disappear. Those old bones did not creek and pop as much, she got her topline back and her temperament improved. My obese geldings body score was now at a 6 instead of an 8.5. He even moved up an entire boot size, as his movement facilitated his hooves to support him correctly. Not only were the changes to my horses incredible, but the fact that I can support two adult horses on one acre of pasture, even having to muzzle my big guy during the growing season.

Not only does a PPTS improve your horses health, it maintains pasture health by instituting rotational grazing, protecting pastures during inclement weather (drought or wet weather) and simplifying my chores such as mowing, spraying and dragging my pastures.

I love my Paddock Paradise Track System so much I made it my job.

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